Missing Some Firefox Add-Ons? Don't Panic!

If you've noticed some Firefox Add-ons missing all of the sudden, this is because there's a bug in the latest Firefox update. Your add-ons aren't gone, though, so don't worry. They're still operating — you just can't see them.

While Mozilla puts together a fix for the issue, they have paused Firefox updates. When the bugs are squashed and a patch is ready, updates will resume. So just be patient for now and things should be back to normal in due course.

Issue discovered with Firefox add-on upgrades [Mozilla Blog]


    constant updates might seem nice from some people's perspective, but personally I switched to firefox for add ons, This can customise my experience. now I cant use many of the ones I did before... Now I install 3.6 on new installs...

    Adblock plus vanished for me, but I noticed precisely because it wasn't working - Who knew the internet was so full of ads?

    I'm using the latest version (7) and everything is working fine. I suggest if you like firefox to download it manually on the main website. I think I'm finally switching back to FF from Chrome because Chromes memory usage and handling is pathetic in comparison.

    Multi Row Tabs was not compact able when I was trying to move from 5.0 to 6. SO I never upgraded.

    Unfortunately, NoScript plain stopped working. It is definitely not a case of "still operating — you just can’t see them".

    See here for a fix:


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