Mind On Track Creates To-Do Lists Based On Mind Maps

Windows/Linux: If you're an avid mind mapper, you might find that keeping the map and your to-do lists on the same page is a little difficult. Mind On Track integrates both into one project management tool.

Each time you create a new node, a new to-do list item is created. From there, you can schedule in due dates, create a hierarchy of items reliant on the completion of other tasks, and set plenty of other options. It features the basic toolset of both mind mapping and to-do programs, but integrates them together to help keep track of larger projects.

Mind On Track [via Addictive Tips]


    Um, this looks great but when I downloaded it, Nortons saw it as a threat and deleted it!

    I assume you check before you recommend stuff so can you shed any light on this? It sounds like a great program.

      Norton's initial warnings are based on # of downloads, so new programs may trigger it. I'll do some checking.

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