Makes Leading And Coordinating Meetings Easy

If you've ever had to lead a meeting, you know what it's like to have attendees who come in late without a copy of the agenda, or don't show up at all. With, you can make sure everyone's at the right meeting at the right time, and distribute minutes and to-dos when you're finished. is a handy webapp that allows you to take notes as the meeting is in progress, and makes it simple to send those notes to all of the attendees when the meeting is over. It's not as simple as previously mentioned or MinuteBase, but the upside is that will also handle meeting invitations, matched to the attendee's time zone.

It also creates a collaborative site where everyone can share notes and documents, or retrieve documents you want everyone to have ahead of the meeting. doesn't replace an email or calendaring tool like Microsoft Outlook: attendees all get an emailed invitation they can add to their calendar, with a link to the meeting site. has been in private beta for a few months, but just opened to the public this week. Have you tried it, or one of the other mentioned services? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


    When you can find a tool such as this that breaks down the Lotus wall, please be sure to post multiple times to ensure I see it :)

    I tried out and liked it very much. Nice style! I'd like to suggest an alternative to with similar features, but is for free. I use it frequently with mit co-workers! It's called Agreedo at http:://

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