Medify Helps You Find The Medical Research You Need

Looking for health information online is often hit-or-miss, with results sometimes too generic. If you want more personalised yet thorough information about a condition, now there's Medify, which takes millions of medical research studies and lets you filter according to your situation.

Searching on a topic, you'll find information on treatments and causes with the most recent research, ones with the best supporting evidence, links to institutions studying the condition, and more. You can read the abstracts for free and save studies for future reference.

Besides being able to filter the studies by demographics, treatment types and more, there's an interesting bubble chart visualisation where you can see at a glance which treatments are stronger or more recently researched.

Medify takes its data every night from Medline, the National Institutes of Health's National Lirary of Medicine and other sources, such as drug side effects from the US Federal Drug Administration. It takes all that complex data and presents it interactively, so you can be a more informed patient or help a loved one manage a chronic condition (Derek Streat, Medify co-founder and CEO, started the service after being frustrated trying to find information about his two-year-old daughter's rare autoimmune disorder).

Medify [via CNET]


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