Maryfi Is A Free Software Router For Windows 7

Windows: Remember Microsoft's Virtual Wi-Fi project for Windows 7? Well the project is officially dead, but the source code is still available, and free application Maryfi takes advantage of this to provide a software router that can share single-serve Wi-Fi networks such as those used at airports and hotels.

Tethering and mobile hotspots are great if you're a frequent traveller or if your company is footing the bill. I travel to one or two conventions a year and usually tether to my phone's connection for Wi-Fi, but I didn't get a very good connection on the 37th floor and had to pony up $15 for one day of unlimited Wi-Fi. Even worse was that the two friends I shared the room with used my laptop when they needed to check their email. If I had Maryfi, I could have just shared my hotel connection with everyone in the room.

Maryfi can share any type of internet connection on the host computer; other Wi-Fi enabled devices can see and join the Maryfi hotspot which can be secured with WPA2 encryption. Another use is to setup Maryfi as a repeater for your home router — this can help you stretch connectivity to a device just outside your current Wi-Fi range.

Maryfi is a free ad-supported program for Windows 7 available from the developer link below.

Maryfi - Start Your Own Wi-Fi Hotspot [via MakeUseOf]


    Sounds and looks a lot like Connectify, which has recently gone from Free to Freemium.

      I've used Connectify a lot too. The freemium update isn't bad, just annoying things like Connectify- is appended broadcast ID, to your to get you to buy the better version. That said though I've stuck with the older version that had them for free.

    u could have used window7 hotspot so u can connect to more people Connectify is the same as basic hotspot in window 7 but some people donot know to connect so they download Connectify and use them

    the mary-fi website seems to be down. Alternate download mirrors here

    i tried w7 ad-hoc sharing but doesn't work. the device trying to connect failed to obtain ip address. maryfi works good but connection sometimes break/lost for 5 to 10 secs. then come again. connectify fussy, needs w7 sp1.

    nice program it's very easy to use it and works in a good way without any problems

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