Make Your Pie Crusts Extra Crispy By Using Vodka Instead Of Water

Pies are delicious, but that's especially true when you've got a great flakey crust. According to Instructables user scoochmaroo, the secret is replacing water with vodka.

Photo by VIPDesignUSA

Swapping ice cold vodka for water in pie crust recipes ensures a flakier crust.

The liquid makes the dough more pliable to work with, and then evaporates while baking, giving you a lighter result than water.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like baking with alcohol is always a recipe for awesome. Speaking of awesome pie crusts, if you need a good recipe try this one.

Flakier Pie Crusts [Instructables]


    "the secret is replacing water with vodka"
    This is now my new motto.

    Yes, I would very much like another glass of "water".

    I'm with you, better still is use vodka in a better, the difference when utilizing vodka in a good fish batter is outstanding!

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