Make Your Own RFID-Shielded Wallet To Foil ID Thieves

With more forms of identifications and credit cards getting RFID tags embedded in them, you might be in the market for a wallet that protects your data. If you're not interested in spending the cash, blogger Serge outlines a DIY method over at Embedded Edge.

He uses Kevlar-Nomex for the fabric, but that's just because it's strong, not because it's a good electromagnetic shield. The shielding comes from adding a layer of silver epoxy to the lining, which in turn also reinforces the material. He recommends using regular epoxy with a tin foil layer if you're looking for a cheaper alternative. If you're not into making yourself a duct-tape wallet to keep RFID hackers at bay, this will certainly accomplish the same ends. Find the whole guide over at Embedded Edge.

Super Wallet [Embedded Edge via Hack-A-Day]


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