Make Your Own Ambient Lighting System For Your Computer Or Home Theatre

Make Your Own Ambient Lighting System For Your Computer Or Home Theatre

Ambient light is a product that straps a few LEDs to the back of your monitor or TV, replicating the colours on your screen on the wall behind it for a more immersive experience. Here’s how to make your own ambient light system on the cheap.

Ambient lighting products like the popular amBX system are a pretty sweet addition to any movie or gaming buff’s tech, but they’re really expensive. After a bit of searching, we found this DIY method from blogger Rajarshi Roy, and it’s actually pretty easy to put together. All you need is an Arduino, an LED strip, and a few miscellaneous pieces to put it together. You might want a tad bit of electronics experience, since the guide isn’t a full step-by-step, but if you’ve used an Arduino before it should be a snap. Hit the link to see the instructions and required code, or watch the video above to see it in action.

Arduino Based PC Ambient Lighting [Silicon Republic]


  • Ive seen these sorts of things numerous times and, taking the lazy mans way out, would love to buy something like it for my home entertainment set up.
    But, all I seem to be able to find are ambient light things behind your tv but they dont actually change colour depending on whats on the screen. They just randomly change to any colour.

    Can we get any info for some decent products that actually change colour correctly please?

    • Philips used to make TV’s with the edge LED’s built in, and they basically imitated the colours around the edge of the screen and blasted them onto the wall behind. Apparently the TV’s had a setting to calibrate the colours to the wall colour.

      If only they didn’t stop production of their TV’s. The 21:9 Widescreen TV will always be on my wishlist.

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