Make Your Glasses Conform To The Shape Of Your Head

Got a pair of eye glasses that don't quite fit your head the way you'd like? Instructables user Carleyy has a clever trick: use a hair dryer.

Custom fit your plastic frame glasses. Simply heat up the ends and mould them to fit our head. This works great on store bought glasses. I wouldn't recommend this for your $300 designer glasses frames. I bought these prescription glasses in Vietnam for only $12! They're a great back-up pair.

So yeah, obviously you don't want to take your hair dryer to your designer frames and melt them into shape, but it's a neat trick if you're looking to add a little comfort for free.

Custom Fit Your Glasses [Instructables]


    Alot of optometerists will do this for free. I know OPSM at least does.

      Yeah pretty well much all optometrists even if you didn't by the glasses there are happy to do this kinda thing for you

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