Make An Accordion Style Bedside Lamp For Just $20

Make An Accordion Style Bedside Lamp For Just $20

Manhattan Nest devised a clever way to turn $20 in IKEA parts into a twistable, extendable bedside lamp.

An important part is the Ikea Frack mirror — one of which was actually in Admiral Adama’s bedroom on Battlestar Galactica — which provides the turning and extending part of the lamp. You’ll also need lamp parts, and if you don’t mind exposed wiring, you can save a few bucks that way. You could either go with chrome-tipped bulbs like he did, or go with a more cost-efficient CFL or LED bulb, which looks less cool.

Head on over to see the full instructions.

Manhattan Nest [via Curbly]


  • Would be good to be able to dock an iPad or Galaxy Tab on there so you dont have to hold up to read when havin a nice ‘ol lie down. Just click to flip to the next page, and let those weary arms have a nice rest.

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