Make A Form-Fitting Case For Your Tools Or Gear With Foam Filler

Make A Form-Fitting Case For Your Tools Or Gear With Foam Filler

Cheap foam filler is normally used to fill gaps in homes for weather-proofing and insulation. You can also, as this DIY project shows, use it to create a moulded case for your stuff.

Rob on filled an old drawer with the foam to create a cushy container that molds perfectly around his tools. Check out the link below for the full instructions.

You could also modify this project to create a protective container for your photography equipment or other precious cargo in other containers.

Pamper Your Tools [ via Make]


  • You’d have to be somewhat anal to do this wouldn’t you? Anyway if you’re anything like me,.. I’d build it use it a couple of times, then just go back to throwing them in the draw like I used to do in the first place!! #]

    • Not having a go at you personally (just the appropriate place to reply), but as an ‘anal’ type myself, it amazes me how the non anal fail to realise that spending 1/2 a second extra time to put something away properly saves 5 minutes the next time you need that thing, but have to rummage around in several drawers before you find it…

      • Mate I am constantly looking for that one tool that I saw last week, but now that I need it I can’t for the life of me think where it was! Every now and again I’ll go around a put everything in it’s correct place, but within a couple weeks I’m back to where I was before. So I guess it comes down to whether you’re the organised type, or disorganised ( guilty as charged)! Probably saying it’s being anal is a bit harsh, but it’s a term generally used for people who are overly fastidious! Just the way people are I guess, not really a judgement! #]

        • Nah, I’m about as anal as they get – my freezer lookis like IKEA, with everything flat-packed within an inch of its life (think mince in a 25x25x1cm sheets) – means everything is easy to find and defrosts within minutes, but yeah, it’s anal!

          • That’s easy to fix for tools such as tape measures and Stanley knives/box cutters. Every time you spend more than 5 minutes looking for one, give up and go an buy another one. After a while you reach a critical mass and have so many of both that you’ll always have one to hand.

            I’m not sure how long it takes to reach the critical mass though. I’ve got dozens of both and I still can’t find the damned things when I need them! That said, it’s only 15 years since I started this practise.

  • I know a lot of people* who like to keep their tools organised; these guys look at the Kingchrome etc. liftouts in Auto One catalogues, see the multi-drawer chests with molded places for everything (and everything in its place), and go, “Oooooh.”

    * myself included. 😀

  • how does this work exactly? i’ve read the steps in the link, and i can’t quite get my head around it…

    the tools go in the tray, the shirt goes over them, the foam goes on top of the shirt, but the tools end up… i dunno… floating to the top?

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