Last Week’s Top Ten Posts

You wanted DIY slurpees, Windows 8 details and all the latest ISP developments. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Tomorrow Is BYO Cup Day At 7-Eleven
    Fancy a slurpee? For tomorrow (September 21) only, you can bring any cup you like to a 7-Eleven store and fill it for $2.60.
  2. Ask LH: What Happens To Windows 7 Now?
    Dear Lifehacker, So: Windows 8. Great . . . maybe. But is that it for Windows 7? Just one service pack and that’s it? Is nothing else being done for it? Yours, Hungry For Updates
  3. Offers Discount Goods Two Days A Week
    Discount online grocery retailing has been a fairly quiet space in Australia (the two major chains aside), but competition is starting to increase. offers discounts on a bunch of brand-name goods, but only sells them two days a week.
  4. Windows 8 Speed Tests: It’s Faster At Pretty Much Everything
    Microsoft mentioned a few times that Windows 8 was supposed to bring a hefty performance boost along with it, and we were curious just how much speed you’d gain just by installing it. We ran a few speed tests with each, and here’s how they compare.
  5. iiNet NBN Pricing: 12 Options To Choose From
    We’ve already seen NBN pricing from Internode and Exetel, and now iiNet has joined the fray. It has three plans on offer, each of which is available at a range of four speeds, priced between $49.95 and $99.95 a month.
  6. Weird Containers People Used For Slurpees On BYO Cup Day
    We knew lots of people were interested in BYO Cup Day at 7-Eleven yesterday, but we’re still surprised at the size of some of the cups people bought along. Check out the promo video for some fairly odd examples.
  7. One Dodgy Indian Scam Caller Has Its Microsoft Certification Revoked
    We’ve warned readers repeatedly that calls claiming to be from Microsoft that have detected an issue with your PC are invariably a scam. That remains the case, but in an interesting twist, it turns out that one of the Indian companies involved in placing those scam calls was actually a Microsoft certified partner.
  8. How To Kill The Facebook News Ticker
    The most annoying new feature in the Facebook redesign has to be the news ticker (although you can make an argument for some of the other additions as well). Tech blog SumTips came up with three ways to kill this feed.
  9. Telstra Adds 500GB Plan, Increases Mobile Broadband Quotas
    It’s not quite a terabyte plan, but a revamp of Telstra’s BigPond broadband and mobile broadband plans has seen it introduce a new 500GB per month plan, simplify the criteria for its bundling deals and add some extra data to contract mobile broadband.
  10. Windows 8 In-Depth, Part 1: The Metro UI
    We’ve taken a first look at Windows 8, but this week, we’ll be going in depth on some of the big, new changes coming in Microsoft’s next version of Windows. Today, we’re looking at the new, spiffy Metro UI

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