Kogan Selling iPads, Canon And Nikon Cameras

Online retailer Kogan made its name selling products under its own brand (with the odd dip into other markets). In a partial shift away from that model, it is now selling iPads and cameras from Canon, Nikon, Samsung and other brands.

In some cases, the prices Kogan is offering are fairly keen — the 64G Wi-Fi iPad is $659, which is well below Apple's $799 price. Kogan's blog has a list comparing some of the other options with what gets charged at JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman (also both the targets of its recent TV promotion):

Note though that those prices don't include delivery, so you'd need to factor that in when comparing options.

Tempted by those deals, or would you hunt elsewhere for those brands first? Tell us in the comments.



    curious how they do this, and what if any restrictions are on the products? Gray market?

      Pretty sure it's all grey market stuff. They're even selling Galaxy Tabs, banned for retail sale in Australia (or something). Not sure how the warranty and junk works then, but some very nice prices.

      I found out from here:

        Regarding warranty, Kogan have shied away from all out saying "They're local" - so I'm willing to bet they are grey and are not covered by local warranty. Having said that, I have also read elsewhere Kogan offer a exchange program (I'd guess they're possibly refurbs) on any device still within its warranty period.

          If Kogan, an Australian registered company operating in Australia, are selling them, then they DO have a local warranty; through Kogan.

          As the retailer, Kogan supply the warranty, not the manufacturer. That the manufacturer won't honor the warranty locally is Kogan's problem, not the consumer's.

        Just above the price, it says either "12 month worldwide apple warranty" or "12 month Australian warranty" for the iPads, Galaxy Tabs and Motorola Xooms.

    I notice that the cameras are sans lens, the Canon EOS 1100D with lens kit is just under $500 delivered on eBay, not sure how much the lens is worth but I'm assuming it won't be cheap. So not that good a deal! #]

      Typically the lenses that come in a 'kit' are very ordinary quality. Seeing as though the 1100D is an entry level camera, I can't see it being worth much.

      Ironically, the 1100D is listed above with the stock single lens kit. If you'd mentioned the 60D...

      that said, it's potentially good value if you started with an older model & are looking to upgrade but see no need to pay for new lenses.

      The 1000D kit with the 18-55 IS lens is pretty good value. I'm buying one for the missus $513 delivered.

      The IS II lens on its own is about $150 delivered and for a beginner lens is pretty good so both together is a decent deal.

    I'm mostly concerned about the iPad price.

    That looks like more margin than I thought the units had. Assuming it's coming from overseas that might account for the rest of the difference.

    Do iPads normally come with AC charger or just USB? (Does the dock AC mount as well?)

    Apple will not be happy about this - they do not allow any retailer to sell below the RRP. I hope that Kogan gets away with it as we desperately need competition on this front

      According to the price comparison for iPads, JB HiFi is also selling below RRP. How do they get away with it?

        Apple aren't allowed to enforce retailers to sell at RRP (that's illegal).

        I believe the profit margins are so low that for retailers to make any profit on Apple products at all, they must sell at RRP or very close to.

          Basically this. Resale price maintenance is not permitted in Australia but Apple can just make sure margins are slim to encourage retailers to sell at RRP.

          Not only are they not allowed to force you to sell at RRP. If they restrict your stock because you discount the ACCC will slam them.

    Also Dell seem to be selling Kogan TV's (you need to do a search)

    anyone have any luck getting the JB hifi or HArvey Norman to price match?

      I'm trying to find out the same thing. I doubt if they would ever price match with Kogan (an online store)

    I find this shift somewhat puzzling to say the least when you look at Ruslan Kogan's prediction on the future of retailers selling Apple - http://www.heraldsun.com.au/technology/ruslan-kogan-challenges-jb-hi-fi-chief-to-1m-bet/story-fn7celvh-1226016953150

    That aside, I'm stoked that they are doing it and have my eye firmly on a Canon 60D!!

      he's obviously selling iPads until March 14 2014 :P

    I just contacted Kogan to find out whether they do express shipping as I'm heading overseas this Saturday and the D3100 is too good to refuse.. the online sales support was one of the worst I've ever experienced - having never dealt with Kogan before completely turned me off them. Such a waste.

    Not that surprising really. Some people want brand name products, he may as well let them buy from his site. It will only make his own brand products seem more appealing to purchase in comparison.

    Actually the 60D price is very similar to topbuy.com.au............

    loved it until i saw the 3 hour general use battery life??? wanted it as a uni tablet to last at least 6 hours i suppose an an absolute minimum.

    Shame! No Nikon D7000.

      Canon and Nikon rarely allow non-specialist retailers to sell any of their camera gear from the enthusiast level up. So D7000 up from Nikon, and 7D up from Canon are unlikely to be found at Kogan.

      Note I said rarely - select JBHiFi (and probably HN too) stores have been able to sell the enthusiast/pro bodies and pro lenses in the last year or so. This is a world wide policy as far as I am aware too.

    They should get the i7 Macbook Airs already!! :)

    what luck, was just about to buy a nikon 3100 the day of this announcement from jb for $700. Now I have a nikon 5100 (model up) on its way for less from kogan.. woohoo, thankyou liefhacker.

      one new nikon 5100 arrived first thing this morning. almost 2 working days is not too bad for postage. saved a fortune, thanks lifehacker for the heads up, and kogan is awesome.

    In very tiny writing - there is two kogan companies who offer their products.

    From one of the ipad listings - This Product is offered and supplied by Kogan HK Limited

    From their 7 inch android tab - This Product is offered and supplied by Kogan Technologies Pty Ltd

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