Kogan Selling iPads, Canon And Nikon Cameras

Kogan Selling iPads, Canon And Nikon Cameras

Online retailer Kogan made its name selling products under its own brand (with the odd dip into other markets). In a partial shift away from that model, it is now selling iPads and cameras from Canon, Nikon, Samsung and other brands.

In some cases, the prices Kogan is offering are fairly keen — the 64G Wi-Fi iPad is $659, which is well below Apple’s $799 price. Kogan’s blog has a list comparing some of the other options with what gets charged at JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman (also both the targets of its recent TV promotion):

Note though that those prices don’t include delivery, so you’d need to factor that in when comparing options.

Tempted by those deals, or would you hunt elsewhere for those brands first? Tell us in the comments.



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