Kogan Selling 19-Inch LCD TV For $135

When it launched last year, Kogan's 19-inch LCD TV was $299. Today, the site is selling it off for $135, which is a decent chunk of change.

Note that the device requires a 12-volt car-style connection (the original target market was caravan owners), so you'll need to splash out for an adaptor, which will run you another $20 or so, as well as delivery (at least another $20). The deal runs until midnight Friday.



    Yer.. I saw this in the morning emails.. but I always wonder what I would do such a small TV..

    Angus, you must live in a strange parallel universe Australia where people measure things in imperial. In the Australia I live in we've used metric for some decades now.

      The TV-selling universe generally has not made that shift; you'll notice that Kogan itself advertises it as a 19" model.

        yeah as far as i know all screens of any sort, anywhere are made and advertised as such in inches.

      going to agree with Angus here, TVs are still sold in inches its even in the unit number half the time not just the title e.g. Pana050HD (made up).

      almost every catalogue and label on a tv in stores is still measured in inches, a lot of people still refer to their height in feet and inches too

    It looks like the TV is supplied with a normal power cable, but it can be run off a 12V lighter/accessory socket with the $17 adaptor cable if you want to use it in a caravan etc.

    I'm sure you can get the DSE branded ones from Dick Smith for about this price all the time, I've certainly seen it at $129 before and nearly picked one up at $99 during the Christmas sales last year.

    I didn't after seeing in person just how small the sets are.

      After looking on their site I think I might be talking about the 13" one, but they do have a 18.5" with built in DVD for $148 - so I still don't see the value in this deal.

        The DSE one isn't LED, whereas the Kogan one is. The DSE one also has no 12V option and no headphone jack, but it does have the built-in DVD drive.

        Not that I can justify buying either one at the moment... :)

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