Kindle Flowchart Helps You Decide Which Kindle To Buy

Amazon's newly introduced Kindles, including the Fire tablet, vary by quite a few features and certain options add more to the price. How to decide which Kindle to get? Just check this flowchart for your options.

Michael Degusta, writing at The Understatement, counts at least 11 different features across the new Kindles. Drill down to find which features and prices affect you. (Click to expand):

If you need help finding out which iPad to get, there's also a "Pick Your iPad" flowchart in Michael's article as well. Pick a Kindle, Any Kindle! [The Understatement]


    What about supported ebook formats? The only reason I haven't bought Kindle is lack of ePub support.

      Alas, there's been no mention of ePub support in this latest refresh. I'm guessing if they were going to support it they would have by now.

    Given this is on the Australian site, it should be mentioned that most aren't being shipped OS by Amazon...

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