Internet Sweep Picks On Government Scams This Year

Every year, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) takes part in a global sweep to identify online scams. The focus for the 2011 sweep is fake government sites: scams which try and charge consumers for services they can get free from official government providers.I'd like to think most regular Lifehacker readers are savvy enough to spot these kinds of scams, but that doesn't mean it's not important to stamp them out. The ACCC's announcement points out the usual warning signs: Australian government signs invariably have a address and don't ask for payment by wire transfer. The central government index site is also a good starting point if your relatives can't be trusted to distinguish between legitimate and scam sites when performing a Google search.



    20111! That's future planning!

    #correction: "Australian government signs invariably..." should be sites.

    Also, you forgot a space after the second sentence.

    Trifecta of typos.

    "Internet Sweep Picks On Government Scams This Year"

    I hoping it was crack down on speed cameras and toll roads, they are government scams.

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