Install An Outlet In A Drawer For Convenient Gadget Charging

You probably keep quite a few things that require power in drawers, but take them out to plug them in for use or charging purposes. Instead, why not just put an outlet in the drawer itself and save yourself some trouble?

The process is basically the same as making a homemade charging station. You can, essentially, wire a powerboard that fits nicely in the drawer through a hole in the back and plugs into an outlet somewhere else. (Since you’re only actually installing a powerboard, you’re also not breaking Australian laws which forbid you from messing with real power outlets.)

It’s a very simple idea, but as Remodeling Magazine points out, it’s a great way to plug in your blow drier and store it conveniently in a bathroom drawer. We also think it’s a smart idea for gadget charging-purposes, since you’re bound to have a few you don’t need to proudly display on your shelves. Whatever you decide to plug in, it’s a nicely concealed power source that’s bound to have several handy uses.

Dryer Drawer [Remodling Magazine via Unplggd]

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