IKEA Second Melbourne Store Opens At Springvale Tomorrow

We're very committed to IKEA hacking around here, so we're very pleased to finally see extra stores opening in Australia's most populous cities. In Melbourne, IKEA's Springvale store opens at 10am tomorrow, joining the existing branch in Richmond and with (apparently) the largest floorspace of any southern hemisphere IKEA store. [IKEA]


    Hopefully that means the crowds will be a little more reasonable at the Richmond store on the weekend.

    Dammit Ikea, open a Hobart store already

    Cool. Good opportunity for some of our prisoners to learn a trade.

    Get your flat-packing pants on!

    Also gigantic Coles in Burwood East.

      And oh-how-gigantic it is!

      I'm told this is the future of Australian retailing because the dollars per hour, per square foot of shop space makes it more economical overall compared to traditional sized stores.

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