Hungry Jack's Offering (Expensive) Vegies Instead Of Fries

Takeaway fries are often the most unhealthy component if you grab a quick burger meal, so the news that Hungry Jack's will offer the alternative of a cup of freshly chopped vegetables is welcome. Less welcome is having to pay at least $2 more for the privilege.

Mumbrella reports that Hungry Jack's is trialling offering a pack of Salad Stix — broccoli, carrot, celery and capsicum with an optional hummus dip — in some NSW stores, and plans a national roll-out. Substituting them for fries in a combo will cost $2; buying them in addition to the combo will cost $2.50; buying them on their own will cost $4.95.

Hungry Jack's already generally has a higher kilojoule count for the same burger than McDonald's, so subbing in something else for the fries makes a lot of sense. But at that price, not many people will be buying.

I appreciate that it's cheaper to ship in bags of pre-cut frozen potatoes than cups of freshly-chopped vegetables. But it's still a shame Hungry Jack's didn't try and make the healthier alternative more affordable, and it's particularly galling that buying them on their own costs about the same as a cheap cheeseburger combo.

Hungry Jack’s to offer cup full of vegies [Mumbrella]


    Man, fuck the healthy alternative. If I go to a fast food restaurant, I'm there to eat fast food, for god's sake. If I wanted to eat healthy I'd eat pretty much anywhere else.

      Very true.

    They've had these at the HJs next to my work for a couple of weeks, no mention anywhere that you can substitute the fries, only as an add on to the meal. I did try them and they weren't bad. Like you said tho, too expensive. If they were cheaper, it would make me a lot more likely to go to HJs

    I hope they can start selling them at a more equitable price, maybe they can bring down the cost with volume of sales. Mainly the extra cash that farmers will make can only be a bonus to them and the economy! #]

    You will find that in the end HJ's will find a way for them NOT to be healthy.

    - Deep Fried Veggies
    - Stored with a chemical preservative that gives you cancer
    - Found to be re-constitued veggies

    Got to be some kicker

      - Actually just fries painted green / red / orange / yellow...


        Love this!

        Seriously though - I agree with Douglas. I am under no delusions that walking into HJ's will be healthy. That's not why I am there!

    And I bet they've been 'microwaved' to shit!

      You've never steamed veggies before? Broccoli, Cauliflower in a microwavable container with a little bit of water, place it in there for a minute or two and voila! hot steamed veggies.

        Sure, they're fine if you microwave them for a minute or two, but what about when you microwave them "to shit"? Which is exactly what the 15 year old working the microwave will do.

    Man, is mutton lamb and vice versa??

    Fuck Hungry Jacks (read ALL FAST FOOD) and all their "health" alternatives.

    I'm sick of this crap.

    yeah you wouldn't go to a brothel for a hug..

    As a diabetic who doesn't eat many carbs, this sort of option when grabbing my high fat and protein fast/junk food is a welcome option.

    Sometimes the "fast" bit of "fast food" is more important than the "junk" bit, and veggies will make it feel like more of a complete meal.

    Hommus dip? I could substitute veggies for fries *only* if the dip has a LOT of MSG. Hmmmmm. MSGeeee.....

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