Hungry Jack’s Offering (Expensive) Vegies Instead Of Fries

Hungry Jack’s Offering (Expensive) Vegies Instead Of Fries

Takeaway fries are often the most unhealthy component if you grab a quick burger meal, so the news that Hungry Jack’s will offer the alternative of a cup of freshly chopped vegetables is welcome. Less welcome is having to pay at least $2 more for the privilege.

Mumbrella reports that Hungry Jack’s is trialling offering a pack of Salad Stix — broccoli, carrot, celery and capsicum with an optional hummus dip — in some NSW stores, and plans a national roll-out. Substituting them for fries in a combo will cost $2; buying them in addition to the combo will cost $2.50; buying them on their own will cost $4.95.

Hungry Jack’s already generally has a higher kilojoule count for the same burger than McDonald’s, so subbing in something else for the fries makes a lot of sense. But at that price, not many people will be buying.

I appreciate that it’s cheaper to ship in bags of pre-cut frozen potatoes than cups of freshly-chopped vegetables. But it’s still a shame Hungry Jack’s didn’t try and make the healthier alternative more affordable, and it’s particularly galling that buying them on their own costs about the same as a cheap cheeseburger combo.

Hungry Jack’s to offer cup full of vegies [Mumbrella]


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