How To Kill The Facebook News Ticker

How To Kill The Facebook News Ticker

The most annoying new feature in the Facebook redesign has to be the news ticker (although you can make an argument for some of the other additions as well). Tech blog SumTips came up with three ways to kill this feed.

The easiest way (which is also the way that worked the best for me) is using AdBlock on Firefox or Chrome, and adding the following filter in the customise tab.[id="pagelet_rhc_ticker"][id=”pagelet_ticker”]

Then, refresh Facebook and you should be in business.

If you have Chrome, you can also install Unannoying Facebook, which gets rid of the news feed as well as the pinned bar on top. Or, if you have the Better Facebook extension, you can paste this into the CSS options under Advanced Options Mode.

/* Hide Facebook live ticker */

.ticker_stream { display:none !important; }

We’ll spare you the Xzibit jokes and just be glad that the stupid news feed is gone.

Hide Facebook Live Feed Ticker and Disable Floating Bar [SumTips]


  • How do you GET the news ticker? I’ve got this new news feed, but now I’ve lost access to everyone’s updates! All I’m seeing is crap posted by famous people and companies!

    • I don’t have the update to the new ticker, which i realised was dueto me having my locale/language set to English (UK). Set it to this and you’ll temporarily remove the update.. Or on the other hand if you *want* the update… swap to English (US).

  • It looks like the update has now been applied to all English language settings. I must say, I despise the new feed and its inability to be set to good old fashioned chronological order.

    I know this is not a bitchy article, but I’m getting fed up with people bitching about every little change facebook makes, when in a couple of weeks time you’ll all be fine with it. Learn to deal with change, people. I for one like the additions.

    • My mother-in-law is legally blind and these updates have made her unable to view photos of her children who live on the opposite side of the country / world.

      Yes, we’re under no obligation to use it, but you try telling your friends that.

  • just as you get accustomed to the layout, they go ahead & re-layout… hard for oldies like me to keep up.

    one thing I did do was to drag the chat list right up to the top, so i have only 2 of those annoying status updates visible..

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