How To Fix Your Post-Grand-Final Hangover

Whether your favoured team suffers an epic victory or a shameful defeat, large amounts of drinking often follow the grand final. Ensure you're vaguely functional come Saturday and Sunday morning with our hangover minimisation tips.

Picture by Christian Cable

I don't want to depress you, but the simple fact is this: the only way to avoid a hangover is not to get drunk in the first place. But where's the fun in that on Australian sport's biggest weekend? We've run plenty of useful tips for dealing with hangovers in the past, so I've collected the best of them together here for easy reference.

  • Hangover Cures: Myth, Legend, Fact Our comprehensive guide to dealing with hangovers, covering what works, what doesn't and with many tempting pictures of egg-based dishes. Speaking of which . . .

  • Have Miso Soup And Eggs For Breakfast To Beat Back A Hangover It's all about the probiotics, apparently. But if that sounds too exotic . . .

  • Bacon Sandwiches Can Speed Up Hangover Recovery Bacon. That is all.

  • Drink Lighter-Coloured Liquors To Avoid Hangovers This may not work so well with beer, but if you're hitting the liquor, it's worth considering. Sake can also be your friend here.

  • What Alcohol Actually Does To Your Brain And Body Knowing how it happens won't stop the hangover, but it does give the less sports-enthused an additional conversation topic.

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      Burger with fries or 3 sausage rolls and litres of fluid and panadol and,..

      I thought rugby is a sport, not a drinking competition :( Well, every day you learn something new...

      ... also if you can't help yourself and drink while watching rugby... Maybe try not to watch it in a first place?

      That picture is full of win. :)

      @me Get over yourself, you handbag!

        Yeah! How dare he suggest responsible drinking?!?!

      @steve just trying to be helpful, no offence intended

      Guys, it's simple. Vitamin b before starting, and one first thing in the morning after, followed by a big breaky.
      Thiamin tablets are perfect, and $6 for 80 from the chemist is perfect! Try it, and thank me Sunday.

      Take berroca and panadol fort at 4am before you go to sleep

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