How To Cope With The Qantas Strike Disruption

How To Cope With The Qantas Strike Disruption

Qantas is cancelling a swathe of flights tomorrow (September 20) and delaying others as a result of industrial action. The advice we wrote back in 2008 on how to cope with flight disruptions remains valid: make sure your mobile is registered with the airline, take only hand luggage, and lurk near the service desk.

The one additional suggestion we’d make is to cancel or shift your flight if at all possible. Qantas is waiving change fees for passengers who make alterations, and the situation is bound to be chaotic no matter what happens. Remember to stay calm and share, particularly when it comes to power outlets.



  • I know this is a Qantas strike, but will it affect other flight providers as well? As far as I remember, most of the baggage handlers for the other flight providers are outsourced to Qantas, right?

    I can find no information about the strike from Sydney Airport’s website and after calling them they said that unless it is on their website or I am ‘contacted’ by the airline, I am not affected.

    Also, Qantas’ own website doesn’t mention whether the strike affects other flight providers. And the flight I am going on – China Eastern Airlines doesn’t mention anything.

    So, I assume this only affected Qantas? I sure hope so. You’d expect Sydney Airport to have a message on their website, but nothing. Quite disappointed.

  • Wow, I can’t believe how short sighted Qantas union members are, come on guys wake up and stop listening to the TWU (Transport Workers Union) they are going to cause you to lose your jobs.. How Qantas has put up with the TWU for so long I have no idea!

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