Harvey Norman Has 'Buy One, Get One Free' For AMD Notebooks

This is an unusual deal: from now until the end of the weekend, Harvey Norman is offering a second free laptop when you buy selected models. The main catch? Only AMD-based machines are included.

The conditions state that the second laptop needs to be of equal or lesser value, so you don't have to buy two of the same model (though that might be what you're after). There's a lot of ASUS models on offer, plus Acer, HP, Sony and Toshiba. Stocks are likely to vary a lot between stores, so you might have to do some schlepping around to get the exact models you want.

Harvey Norman [via OzBargain]


    I wonder if they will give me one free if I had bought one back in Febuary?

    this is a very tempting offer, buy one laptop, sell the other one, end up with a 1/2 price toy

      But you won't get too much for the laptop. HN sell at RRP, so you can buy new laptops for 25% cheaper elsewhere, and once something is 2nd hand it's value drops significantly.

    Yea i posted this on ozbargin yesterday after hearing it on the radio, but i couldn't find anything about it online so i thought it might of been fake :(
    But my ozbargain page now has 2500 clicks :)

    HN Browns Plains has sold out of the Asus K53U ($594).

    The ad on their website says any laptop with an AMD processor, but when you browse their catalogue only a handful of AMDs have been tagged "buy one get one". Has anyone been to a store to check it out in person?

    Harveys have been selling AMD Laptops at really high prices for a while. Check the US web sites like best buy. A8 HP @ $799US. He is selling the same laptop for $1498. So effectively, you are buying 2 for the price they should be sold at. You can buy 3 Pentium based PCs that will out perform these for $1000.

    Yeah buddy! Got two HP e350 laptops for 500 bucks!

      Wow, great deal for 2 "Netbooks".

    Went in at 7.30pm apparently there were 40+ people queued up in the morning, so all laptops sold out very quickly and this sale is on till Monday!! What a let down!

    Like any Sales and Marketing pitch.......For years the Consumer Law has given Businesses the power to get away with effectively "LIES"

    So Buyer be aware .. is the Best advise

    i have been advised that the laptop must be bigger than a 10 inch, most of the laptops bigger than a 10 inch are sold out :(
    and their website hasnt got much information on there.

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