Hardware Freak Is A Fast, Light System Information Utilitiy

Hardware Freak Is A Fast, Light System Information Utilitiy

Windows: If our recent guides to building your own computer have you interested in upgrading your PC, Hardware Freak is a free, portable system information tool that will show you the hardware inside your case with a single click.

We’ve mentioned other system information utilities before, most notably the venerable System Information for Windows (SIW), but Hardware Freak has the benefit of being portable and easier to use. Just fire up the executable and click on the area of your system you’d like more information about.

For example, the CPU section will tell you your processor’s clock speed, current utilisation, motherboard brand/model/serial number, BIOS brand and version, and more. The Video/Sound/Storage section displays data about your video card, driver version, sound card, hard drive size and model number, and more.

Hardware Freak is free, and supports Windows XP, Vista and 7. Drop it on a USB drive and go. Do you have a preferred system information tool? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Hardware Freak [via Techdows]


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