Offers Discount Goods Two Days A Week

Discount online grocery retailing has been a fairly quiet space in Australia (the two major chains aside), but competition is starting to increase. offers discounts on a bunch of brand-name goods, but only sells them two days a week. has some obvious similarities with, which we've looked at recently, including the emphasis on brand names and the $11 flat shipping charge to anywhere in Australia. And just as is run by an existing online retailer (DealsDirect), is from the founder of CatchOfTheDay.

The unusual feature of is that you can only order from the site on a Wednesday or a Thursday. That's likely to create more of a rush on the cheapest items, but the unpredictable nature of the specials means you wouldn't be able to use the site for your entire grocery run, despite the name.

As with most bargain sites, there are good deals to be had, but you need to consider whether you would buy that product otherwise, and whether you'll save enough to offset the postage charges. 200g of Nescafe Gold Blend for $7.95 (less than half the regular price) is definitely a deal I could be tempted by (though as it happens, that one has already sold out this week). If you're already an organised shopper and know what your regulars usually cost, this could be a useful addition.


    They're selling pop tarts currently. That's enough to tempt me to take a more serious look.

    Just had a brief look at their website and noticed they aren’t doing unit pricing?

    I had a look last night, but stuff kept disappearing from the cart. Probably because it wasn't during the "active" period or whatever... :/

    I'll give it another try, nnnnnow.

    My only experience with catch of the day was on some very short dated chocolate. Leading me to form the opinion that you get what you pay for.

      Yeah, just keep an eye on the Use By dates

        I guess thats a fair deal. You get cheaper but not expired yet. As long not expired, few months to expire doesnt harm in any way i guess..

    I am looking forward to viewing your goods and the discounts that you will offer

    would like to know how long it takes to get to your door. and on what days do you deliever in our area and do i have to be home for the delievery . we live in Narangba in Brisbane

    Some of the items are likely to expire before they even reach you. Yesterday's listing had items with best before date of 24/09/11...

    Not sure the "savings" are worth the hassle :)

    Just got an email from you guys and I see already delivery has gone up by a $1 not enough to discourage me but I wonder down the track what else will go by the way side.

    The products are attractive but the delivery service is the worse. I have placed an order on 22/9/2011 and have not received the goods yet, despite my numerous attempt to let let them know through emails.

    I ordered Grocery Run on a tuesday night. The site said 72 hours but now is Tuesday a week later and still no delivery. I just got an email from them saying i can track it through auspost and i did that but still says a few days. Expect 10 day delivery. deal breaker for me.

    i cant even make an order because it wont let me make an account and theirs not alot of food

    Very happy with how fast it was delivered, only a matter of days, All contents were what was ordered, will defiantly order again, keep up the. Good work.

    My order came three days later, all in good condition. Very have ordered again

    I know it is the best store for grocery. But gives you grocery wholesalers Australia & Food Distributors Australia. It delivers your order to your doorstep & they call you weekly to book your order.

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