Google Flights Doesn’t Offer Any Australian Options

Google Flights Doesn’t Offer Any Australian Options

Looks like we’ve got another addition to our list of cool services Google offers that don’t work yet in Australia. The company’s new flight search option finds cheap fares, but right now it only works with US cities.

Despite that limitation (and the fact that it only seeks out return flights), it’s still a potentially useful option if you are planning a US trip. You can filter flights to include only non-stop options, and restrict results to a particular loyalty program (such as oneworld or Star Alliance). I hope this one does show up in Australia eventually.

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  • Other than the fancy map, Sky Scanner does this pretty damn well already for Australian flights.

    You’ll note also that Google’s flights with prices are paid ads from the companies themselves, which makes you wonder whether there’s a level of favouritism in the more popular routes.

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