Get The Full URL Back In Firefox 7

Firefox: The latest update to Firefox just launched today with a slew of new features, but one of those happens to include a shortened URL bar. Thankfully, reader David has a simple solution if you'd prefer a full address.

1. In Firefox's URL bar, type in: about:config and agree to the pop-up message.

2. Search for: browser.urlbar.trimURLs.

3. Double-click or right-click and select "toggle" to change the value to false.

Now you'll get the full HTTPS or HTTP in the URL so you won't be confused on whether you're viewing a secure site.

Thanks to David for sending this in!


    Wouldn't it make it less confusing ?

    If you dont see a http there at all its insecure, if you see a https:// its secure

    Maybe its just cause ive been using Chrome since the late betas of FF4 turned me off it. But i like the way chrome does it.

    FF 7.0 works the same as Chrome by default now. With FF 7.0 you always get the full URL (including the 'https://') if it's a secure site. If the address bar doesn't include 'https://' then it isn't a secure site and the unnecessary 'http://' is omitted. What's confusing about that?

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