Firefox 7 Available Now, Improves Memory Handling And Speed

Win/Mac/Linux: Firefox 7 surprised us in our latest round of browser speed tests, and this morning, Mozilla transitioned it from beta to official release. The new version's biggest improvement is in memory handling, which the Mozilla team hopes finally puts some of the biggest complaints about the browser to rest.

Firefox 7 improves memory handling significantly, something we noticed in our tests and the folks at Mozilla Hacks pointed out as well — especially when compared to Firefox 6. Firefox 7 boasts a number of other small improvements as well: the http:// prefix is hidden in all places, bookmark and password changes sync near-instantly with Firefox Sync, and the usual round of bug and stability improvements were included.

Firefox 7 is available now to download for all platforms.



    I can barely keep up with all the Firefox updates these days, and it seems to be when I do half my plugins break...

    Firefox 7 !!!! the last version i had was FF4 B10 and i switched to chrome cause FF was killing my HDD (quite literally, causing constant 10MB disk io while open, and i never looked back).

    Now seeing it might have memory issues finally under control, ill take another look cause now i find chrome using too much memory when i have 30 tabs open.

      Well obviously it uses a lot of memory when you have 30 TABS OPEN, geez, why would you need 30 tabs open anyway?

        I mean a lot more than i would expect it to, like google docs home page and one document is 80meg. And when i have Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2005 open at once, my paltry 3gb of ram isnt enough, so i need to free as much as possible.

        I have that many open because i do lots of research/looking up documentation references etc, and often multitask which requires numerous tabs each. Also the way i do my research is google, open up anything interesting on the first page, go though that open any interesting links while scanning those pages until i get the answer i'm looking for. Or when reading lifehacker/whirlpool/etc, i read the home page opening a new tab for each article i want to read then when ive got to where i have already read, i start reading the tabs i opened.

    firefox 7 stuffed my browser still trying to re load davo

    Let's hope they've fixed the problem where swiping between pages on the Apple mouse and trackpad doesn't work.

    Then again, I think Safari is the only browser that supports swiping to go back and forward. Funny that.

      I think you'll find at least one out of the multitude of gesture plugins will fix that.

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