Fast Tracking Getting A New Emphasis From TV Networks

Australian TV networks like to boast about how they "fast track" shows after their overseas broadcasts, but in practice that fast track process can still take days or weeks. However, it does look like the commercial networks are making more effort with some prominent new US series.

TV Tonight notes that Channel Ten is fast-tracking both Glee and new Steven Spielberg-backed series Terra Nova, while Nine is rushing new Charlie Sheen-free episodes of Two And A Half Men to air.

As ever, the test will be in network consistency. Last year, Ten did fast-track Glee initially, but then took an extended break over summer and completely lost that advantage. Summer is typically a low-rating period for commercial networks, but continuing to mess with broadcast schedules is arguably even more dangerous given the ease with which disgruntled viewers can download torrents.

Fast-tracking back on track [TV Tonight]


    If the networks here were smart, they'd basically duplicate what is on in the US and show it ASAP. Shows airing at night in the US is about midday our time, so there is no reason for me not to be able to go home and watch it that night. And is should be all shows (especially with the digital channels) not just a select few. Pick up your game Australian TV.

      The problem is it costs them a lot more to air it sooner, so same day could cost more than 1 week later and a hell of a lot more than 1 month later.

      It'ts stupid but its the content owners that do that, even though it'd cut down on illegitimate viewings.

    ABC2 used to be able to show the Daily Show hours after it had aired in America (the only reason they stopped is because Comedy Channel now has exclusive rights to it).

    This shouldn't even be a thing. How did we get to the stage where networks advertised that they aren't screwing us over on a few select shows and they'd thought we'd appreciate it?

    yes but what about the HD content. how many networks are filling the quota of hd hours??

    I'll go for Plan C: don't watch FTA TV. I make a habit of downloading and consuming shows, ditching the missable ones after a few episodes and buying the good ones on DVD/BRD when they're at a reasonable price @ JB.

    Ads make me ragequit every time I watch something on a commercial channel.


      Downloading also keeps me spoiler free. The other option would be to go offline until the show aired here at least a week later. No thanks.

        At which point the next episode has already aired in the US, and you end up staying offline permanently until every show you watch has ended ;)

    Unless they start broadcasting prime time shows at a decent resolution and bitrate, its still largely irrelevant.

    The government needs to mandate that HD shot material needs to be broadcast in HD. anything less is simply not good enough.

    I havent watched a single second of comercial tv in over 18 months.

    I stopped watching TV about 2005, and started replacing my evenings with TV i wanted to watch. I was fed up with endless advertisements that bellowed through my TV speakers at twice the volume of normal programming.

    I was annoyed that we received 90% of out TV years after it aired and always out of order.

    They need to start changing their business models ASAP or they'll start to lose out (which i hope happens).

    Personally I don't trust them to do anything they promise! I get the feeling the people who bring in new shows, are a bunch of bookworms sequestered in a dingy little room, and don't interact with the real world! If they could just run and end shows at the advertised time, that would be a major achievement! #[

    I dont trust any network for fast tracking, A show on Fox8 Falling Skies, Fox8 said that it was "fast tracked from the USA" but in reality 7 episodes had already aired in the US.

    I understand back before the internet tapes had to be sent over and made sense for sending the whole season at once but now days there is no excuse for shows to air here months after they have aired in the US or UK.

    Sure, they'll fast two or three episodes in prime time, the dish them back to "after" hours, go back to the old model of when ever and finally ditch them half way through in favor of something else.

    We need an Australian Network who caters to people who can't stand reality TV (I'm looking at you master chief, X facter and the rest) and sport.

    I agree. Download it and watch it your pleasure. Replace with high quality when it becomes available.

    UKTV had the new series of Torchwood same day it premiered in the US.

    Boardwalk Empire HBO - September 25, Showcase November 27. The delay might work for series 1, but many fans who won't want to wait 2 months for series 2 will head for the bit torrent.

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