Facebook Adds New Subscribe Feature So You Can Follow Strangers

Facebook has just announced a new option to follow people who aren't your friends. If they're posting public updates, you'll now be able to click a "Subscribe" button so you can see their latest status messages in your feed.

This feature may take some time to roll out so don't expect it immediately, but keep an eye on the "Poke" and "Message" buttons because that's where it's going to show up.

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    Wow.... Facebook, making Stalking easier since 2004

      If it helps, they're just doing this because it's one of the most popular features of Google Plus. And the Plus feature is an implementation of the twitter feature. Of course, twitter was initially referred to as 'microblogging' because the basic framework was very similar to most blogging platforms...

      This feature adds functionality without sacrificing privacy. Nobody will be able to access your posts who can't already do so, you can disable anybody from subscribing to you at all, and it looks like you can pull up a list of everybody subscribed to you.

      A few points:
      -This is partly duplicating what the 'like' feature does. You can now follow celebrities directly instead of their fan pages.
      -This actually makes facebook less distinctive to me. Now they've made one-way following an option, what separates them from the competition?

        "what separates them from the competition"

        Market share is the only thing I can think of :)

        It's a shame really, because G+ is so much smoother - their mobile apps just work, and it's one less context switch I have to do (I live in a Google world).

        Now all I need to do is convince all my friends to use G+ instead (unlikely).

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