eBay New Fee Structure Kicks In From Today

The changes to eBay's fee structure which we first reported on back in July takes place today. As of now, the same final value fees apply whether you're selling an item via auction or at a fixed price.

Our original analysis explains how the trade-off works: you can now list items without paying anything up front, but you'll ultimately end up giving eBay more money most of the time. That said, alternatives for selling off unwanted stuff which aren't already associated with eBay aren't exactly thick on the ground: the obvious ones are Trading Post, Quicksales and Dinkos. Any other suggestions?



      gotta back that up, i had 6 bloody tickets to sell for a concert i couldn't go too, i sold 2 on a forum, 3 on gum tree and one on ebay, i got 75 for all of them but only 65 for the ebay one and i had to pay fees ...

    +1 for Gumtree. It's free for a basic listing.

      Plus its ALOT faster listing. Even though ebay owns gumtree..

    I don't get how they can justify 7.5%!
    i seriously think i'll stop selling on ebay

    Gumtree is full of scammers and you never get any conflict resolution help.

    Search Facebook for the local buy,sell,trade style group. I know in my hometown there a few such groups, with the main one having over 4000 members. A great local alternative.

    There is a site i found a month or so ago called Sellmyjunk.com.au that looks ok. They have free ad listings for now and let your ad stay live until you sell your item. They do look pretty new but promising.

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