Dyson's New Fan Is Hot

In essence, the Dyson Hot AM04 is like the now familiar Air Multiplier (especially the AM02 fan) — only with heating elements built in. But behind the scenes, it was three years in the making, and also has cooling capabilities of its own.

The heater's 6x airflow isn't as powerful as the fan's 15x air multiplication, but Dyson claims the Hot will evenly warm a room aster than tradition heaters. Dyson says the heater projects heat up to 2.5m, and has a built-in intelligent self-monitoring thermostat (1-37C).

You can still stick your hand through it — although I've always felt nervous doing that with the air multiplier or indeed those Dyson hand dryers that seem to be taking over the world's public rest rooms — and it comes with a remote control. Dyson says that because the ceramic heating area doesn't go beyond 200C, you won't get that dust burning smell that occurs when other heaters get to around 233C.

Sadly for us Aussies, it's no longer winter, and we won't see it in Australia until at least March next year. Europe and the US retailers will start selling the heater this week, and it'll be priced around $US400. Best start saving now. [Dyson]

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    But what's it like for energy efficiency?

    Does everyone else hate those dyson hand dryers in bathrooms? Sure they dry quickly, but seem really un-hygenic.

      I love them! You don't have to touch anything so it's as hygienic as it gets, no?

        I love them too. They work really well, and they're a hell of a lot quicker than the traditional style hand dryers. They are also much better for the environment than paper towels.

        I know it's my problem, but I wash up my forearms, so I do end up touching the bottom of the unit. Probably the dirtiest place! I do wish they were deeper.

        But I'm a microbiologist so I'm not too germ-phobic. :)

    Saw this video last night at their Facebook fan page. Love the innovation, especially the self-monitoring thermostat

    But its just a space heater... for $400. I have an oil heater here that warms very well for $25 from bunnings.

    I'm sure you mean faster than traditional heaters.

    I've heard these dyson air multipliers are noisy (and overpriced). I wonder if this one is any different.

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