Download The Windows 8 Developer Preview Now

If the Windows 8 keynote video today wasn't enough to satiate your Windows 8 curiosities, you can download the developer preview and install it now to check it out.

You can grab it in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavours, or the 64-bit version along with developer tools. The developer tools version requires a clean install, but if you have a Windows Vista or 7 installation on your machine, you can keep accounts, files and settings with a new installation. Windows XP users can upgrade and keep their accounts and files only. That said, we don't really recommend installing this over your existing copy of Windows, as it'll likely have a few quirks this early on in the preview. Hit the link below to check it out.

Download the Windows Developer Preview now


    Do you have to be part of MSDN to install this and get it working? Dont want to try and do a clean install and have it fail on me.

    Anyone installing this on a VM?

    I've tried installing it on the latest version of VMWare workstation, but I get an error. It's confirmed by others to be working on VirtualBox though.

    played for a few hours. Im sure it might be greet on a tablet, but on a desktop it feels very very gimmicky and useless. I just want to remove the new UI all together. but I do admit on a touch tablet it would be cool.

    Had it installed for a few hours now and I must say I like it, a lot. The Metro UI is definitely more touch friendly than a mouse and keyboard but it is still navigable. It would be a lot better if all the features were available to gauge the full experience but I like it so far..

    It runs great on VirtualBox. Makes me want to get a giant touchscreen for the desktop.

    From VM machine it says HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. I am using microsoft virtual PC 2007 on vista on a thinkpad T61.
    Please help.

    i downloaded this windows developer preview and now i want to remove that and restore my previous version of windows 7 ultimate.
    can someone help me please..

      1. Find a wall
      2. Hit head repeatedly

        My eyes rolled up so far into my head that I can now see my cingulate gyrus.

    I'm having trouble installing the x86 version in VirtualBox, (error code 0x80070003, missing installation files). Anyone else with this error?

    Installed in VMware workstation and it works fine.

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