DIY Window Closer Jumps Into Action When It Hears Loud Noises

DIY Window Closer Jumps Into Action When It Hears Loud Noises

If you’re the maker type or just really enjoy home automation, this automatic window closer that sits idle until it hears loud noise outside may be up your alley. You’ll need a few parts and some time, but if you live near an airport, train tracks or a major road, it might be a worthwhile project.

Ed Rogers, the man behind the project, lives near train tracks, but also has a bedroom with two large windows that he likes to keep open when there are no trains going by. He started off building a system to close his windows by remote control using a linear actuator and some 3d printed brackets, but he took it a step further and rigged a webcam ad an Arduino to the system to detect when the volume level outside was loud enough for enough time to indicate that a train was passing by. When triggered, his system automatically closes the windows without his intervention.

The setup in the video does take a while to shut the windows, but it works really well, especially given the effort he put into it. It’s not as fast as getting up and closing the windows himself, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

This Automatic Window Closer Senses Loud Locomotives [Make]


  • I like it because you also don’t have to breathe the diesel fumes full of nasty highly reactive polycyclic hydrocarbons from the train which aren’t too good for your lungs.

    When you consider that a 1500m long goods train removes about 100 trucks from the road for about 30% of the CO2 emissions, it still is pumping out the concentrated emissions of the equivalent of 30 semi’s worth of diesel polycyclic particulates.

    So if the wind is blowing his apartments way, this is also a health solution as well as a noise solution.

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