Cute Fridgeezoo Pets Make Sure You Don't Leave The Fridge Open Too Long

Fridgeezoo, Japanese gadgets that look like milk cartons with polar bear faces, live in your fridge to bring you cheer every time you open the door... and scold you if you keep it open too long, so you don't waste energy.

If you or someone in your household (your roomate, perhaps?) has that bad habit of just staring blankly at your fridge shelves when trying to decide what to eat, you need one of these "pets." You can see it in action above. The Fridgeezoo is both a humorous and eco-friendly gift for $US15.99 at ThinkGeek.

Fridgeezoo - Refrigerator Pets [ThinkGeek via Fast Company]


    reminds me of the fridge pigs that would oink when you open the door, and i may be imagining this, squeeled when open too long, it probably goes way back to the 70s but i think i recall it from the 90s.

    Thats what every guy wants... a fridge that gives lip.

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