Cure Hiccups In Seconds With A Dash Of Vinegar

Cure Hiccups In Seconds With A Dash Of Vinegar

This weekend I was stricken with hiccups so persistent they lasted over 36 hours. While the cure ultimately required medical attention, I tried every home remedy I could find online. While nothing could stop them for good, the only supposed cure that actually worked — if only temporarily — was apple cider vinegar.

According to the Snopes message board, any kind of vinegar will do:

The most effective singular cure for a bout of hiccups I have seen is when the aforementioned hiccuper had a bad bout in the pub. He was starting to despair when the landlord said he’d pour a shot of something that always cured himself. Expecting a tasty jolt of scotch or something, it was with great surprise that he slammed down a shot of finest malt vinegar. No hiccups.

I tried every method I could find — some methods so ridiculous they should not ever be mentioned — and the only one that gave me any respite was the vinegar. It burned on the way down and at first I thought things would be worse, but those 30 minutes gave me enough time to get myself to the doctor and get the problem fixed for good. If you have hiccups that seem like they’re going to last forever, you probably shouldn’t do what I did and try every method on the internet. But I did so I could report the results. Next time I have the hiccups with an end in sight, I will be reaching for a bottle of vinegar first chance I get.

Foolproof cure for hiccups [Snopes Message Board]


  • You know what works like a charm? Try to drink 22 gulps of water in one breath. After you tried your best, to drink it you will eventually have to gasp for air around the 15-22 mark. You will feel the urge to clear your throat. But don’t do it! Wait a good few minutes before doing satisfying the urge to clear your throat. Works every time.

  • I’ve never had hiccups for more than a couple of hours,thank God! As a matter of interest Adam, how did the doctor cure them? I’ve tried every thing possible too, but I’ve found that it’s kind of hit and miss. Everything from vinegar to drinking a cup of water whilst bending over with my head more or less upside down, hey it worked once! My most recent fix, because I seem to be getting them more just lately, is when you can feel it coming on, straighten your neck by tilting your head back, and fill your lungs as much as you can, then hold your breath until the urge stops! Seems to work most of the time! #]

    • Did the Dr cure them with medication? I know some bonus effects of dementia meds or epilepsy meds can stop the seizures/hiccups.

      Glad you’re feeling better now; and EckyThump I’m a big fan on the head upsidedown drinking the water; just something about that water feeling like it’s in my sinuses…

  • What never fails me is half a shot of straight red cordial. Other flavours work too but the stronger the flavour the better. This is the only method Ive tried that works instantly and every time!

  • My failsafe way of curing hiccups is to drink water from the wrong side of the glass, ie. the one furthest away as you hold the glass. Make sure you’re leaning over the sink/

  • Here’s my home remedy: Hold your breath for a long time, then swallow. You must be seated and relaxed (ie: slow, shallow breathing for about a minute afterwards)

  • Just gave my better half half of a sake cup of balsamic vinegar. Worked like a charm! I shuddered at the thought of giving her white vinegar, so was reaching for the rice wine vinegar when I saw the balsamic. Heck, it even tasted good!

  • JUST this minute reached for my trusty bottle of Sarsons and always hiccups gone. Dont be messin about with that cheap none brewed condiment rubbish… If ur gonna drink vinegar it needs to taste half decent. Anyway works like a charm x

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