Create Strong, Memorable Passwords With Wolfram Alpha

Impressive "computational knowledge engine" Wolfram Alpha has many awesome applications; add to the list generating strong passwords and providing a phonetic form to make them easier to remember.

To get your password, just enter "password of X characters" where X is your password length. In addition to the random password, you'll get the phonetic hint, such as "tango whiskey charlie kilo november bravo seven oscar yankee charlie".

If you have special password needs, you can change the password rules to allow or disallow for case, numbers, special characters and/or similar characters.

Wolfram Alpha [via Digital Inspiration]


    A random string of words I don't use regularly like "tango whiskey charlie .." isn't going to make it any more memorable.

    How the f*k is this phonetic equivalent a hint...

    It's like using "six three nine nine" as a hint for my PIN...

      ...oops, shouldn't have used my actual PIN :(

    Try typing this instead:

    strong password of x characters

    Wolfram-Alfa will then give you a set of variables you can allow and disallow.

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