Cook Breakfast In A Hotel Room With An Iron And Coffeemaker

Cook Breakfast In A Hotel Room With An Iron And Coffeemaker

When you’re stranded in a hotel room and longing for a nice hot breakfast, don’t worry. You’ve got the equipment to make eggs, bacon and oatmeal right there in front of you: the coffeemaker and iron.

Natalie Tran of LonelyPlanet demonstrates these cooking hacks. We’ve seen how to do oatmeal in a coffeemaker before and bacon in a waffle iron, but a full video of hotel room cooking complete with ironing bacon is just plumb awesome.

[via Foodista]


  • Oh, another thought – this is a problem that didn’t need to be solved.

    How’s this for a lifehacker story? Pick a hotel. Then, find one that is $10 cheaper per night so you can afford to eat like a regular person.

    Also, who does the time and money to go out and buy eggs and foil but won’t go to a cafe or takeaway?

    • Back when I was a student, I was very short of cash. For a year my only methods of cooking were am electric kettle and a wall-mounted heater.

      It’s amazing what you can cook with when you have to, and the techniques can apply to more than just hotel rooms.

      • Granted – there is merit in the techniques if you have no other option. Anything that can generate heat can potentially be used to cook.

        And I’m sure you haven’t been the only student in that situation either. Perhaps lifehacker needs to use that as the basis for this type of story (along with the feed yourself for $25 a week challenge).

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