Choose Your Preferred Google Docs Interface

Like many Google services in the Google+ era, Google Docs has undergone an interface revamp recently. If you don't like the new standard look, you can choose from two others via a simple interface customisation.

Google Operating System notes that in addition to the default 'Comfortable' interface, you can also choose 'cozy' and 'compact' (which is similar to the pre-redesign interface). Click the Settings option (the cog) and make the choice under 'Display Density'. (As ever, Google is rolling out the changes gradually so if you can't see those options, you haven't shifted to the new interface yet.)

Customize Google Docs Interface [Google Operating System]


    Hmmm. I have switched to the new interface, but no interface options.

      Ah whoops, there are two cogs it seems. One at the very top of the screen, one a little further down. That's a UI fail right there.

        not really a fail, one is clearly google account settings as its in the google bar not in the docs area.

        The fail is the whole UI even with the compact view (its a little better than comfortable) but the new look its still horrific.

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