Canberra Airport Bus Changes Providers, Raises Prices

From next Monday September 5, operation of Canberra's airport bus service switches from Deanes to Royale Coach. The timetable stays largely the same, but the price goes up: where the old service was $9 one way or $16.20 return, the new one is $10 one way or $20 return.

I'm not surprised by the price rise, really; whenever I've caught the airport bus service, it has been largely empty. As with many airport bus options, it's most appealing for single travellers — if there are two or more of you, then a taxi will likely have similar costs. (I'll update our Lifehacker guide to airport bus services on Monday when the new service officially begins operation next week.)

Royale Coach


    Non sequitir - Patronage is super low because taxis are the same price or cheaper, so the solution is to jack up the prices?

    Lazy writing, I won't honour this trash with the title of journalism.

    What did this mean? "I’m not surprised by the price rise, really; whenever I’ve caught the airport bus service, it has been largely empty".

    So the response to an empty bus is to raise the price? What kind or perverse logic is this? Methinks you don't have anybody reading your junk before you post it.

    Timetable DOES NOT stay largely the same, this new service has more trips than the revised Deanes timetable which came into operation recently.

    Sorry Lifehacker this is a FAIL.

    The Canberra airport bus was already awful, chances are it was largely empty because everyone considers it useless and doesn't think about using it. I landed there recently at 2.30, and the buses had stopped at 11 and there wasn't another till 3.30. I'm originally from Canberra, so I knew not to assume any of their public transport would be well-done, and checked ahead of time, but it still meant I had to be dragging relatives around the place to get me where I was going.

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