Build Your Own Portable Wind Turbine To Power Gadgets When Camping

Instructable user ineverfinishanyth wanted a way to power gadgets while camping, so he built a portable turbine that weighs in at only 450g.Admittedly, it's not going to kick out enough juice to power your laptop, but it can handle powering rechargeable batteries or similar low-energy devices. The main appeal is its mobility; the motor and blade can easily be detached from the stand for easy packing and it should fit in any hikers backpack. Hit up ineverfinishanyth's full guide over on Instructables to find out how to do it yourself.

Camping Wind Turbine [Instructables]


    His username made me LOL. At work.

    We never go camping, so that's all I have to say about that.

      I would buy a bigger version that COULD power my laptop, or even some sort of heater / light

      when can i get one of those?

    Gadgets while camping = Completely missing the point

      I was able to make this post by recharging my laptop with a similar makeshift device out of palm leaves and bamboo. Getting to this article on my last 3% of battery power has increased my chances of getting off this desert island a thousand-fold. Anyone know someone with a seaplane?

    @Tony: A GPSr to know where you are and a camera to take photos of the places you find seem like reasonable gadgets to take camping.

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