Build A Fully Portable Desktop Gaming Computer Out Of Plywood

Build A Fully Portable Desktop Gaming Computer Out Of Plywood

Lugging a huge case and monitor is pretty unwieldy when you’re heading to a LAN party for the evening. Legendary modder Ben Heck built this portable gaming computer for just $US200 worth of case materials.

The computer obviously cost more, but for $US200, it’s actually a pretty sweet case. Ben built it in a competition with tech web series Hak5, the goal being to build a cheap, portable case mod for a full ATX computer. We like Ben’s mod, built using plywood, and designed it in the form of an old radio. He’s got a mouse, keyboard, and monitor all built-in to the case, and it opens up to form a desktop computer with a height-adjustable monitor, water cooling, and a ton of gaming power. You’ll need some heavy duty power tools to cut the wood if you want to pull something like this off, but it does look pretty great in the end.

Check out the video above to see Ben’s mod, and if you’re interested in Hak5’s competing project, you can check theirs out here. It’s a little less gaming-oriented and more hacking-oriented, but it’s all built inside a Hello Kitty backpack — so how can you say no to that?

Hak5 Challenge [The Ben Heck Show]


  • I’ve heard about these portable gaming computers, they’re called ‘Laptops’. What’s the point of this contraption… it still requires a electrical power point and has no room for a mouse. Even laptops integrate mouse movements (Touch pads). Just a waste of materials, they should of made a shelf or cabinet.

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