Bing Reveals Detailed Interior Maps Of US Airports

Finding your way around a new airport — at least major ones in the US — just got a little easier with the help of Bing search. The new airport maps show you the location of terminals, ticket counters, restrooms, eateries, ATMs and more.

To find a map of one of the 42 US airports currently covered (Microsoft plans on covering more), just search for the airport name, code, or city on Bing and click on the map and then zoom all the way in. You can also enter in your flight number to get to a map link.

Google Maps covers airports, but doesn't yet show you a complete view of the inside like Bing does (comparing JFK on Google, I find there's only a Wendy's and a Our Lady of the Skies RC Chapel in Terminal 4 there).

To see the full list of the mapped airports covered now, you can check the Bing Maps Blog post below. (Given the dearth of Australian Bing features, I doubt we'll see this locally in the future, but it's handy for US travel.)

New Airport Maps for Bing [Bing Maps Blog via Tech Crunch]


    But...but...then the terrorists have more information on how to kill us.


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