Avoid Impulse Purchases By Not Storing Your Credit Card Online

Avoid Impulse Purchases By Not Storing Your Credit Card Online

Buying things online is so easy, it opens us up to purchasing more things we probably don’t need–but want in the heat of the moment. Personal finance weblog The Simple Dollar offers a few easy ways to avoid impulse buys online.

One of the easiest ways to avoid one-click purchases is to manually enter your credit card information every time:

I don’t store my credit card information in online sites. For me to go ahead with a purchase, I have to actually dig out my credit card or other payment information and fill it in manually.

This tactic tends to buy me the “several minutes” that I need to talk myself out of an unnecessary purchase. . . During that process, I’m quite likely to convince myself that I don’t really need the item.

It seems silly, but I know I’m certainly lazy enough to rethink a purchase if I have to actually find my credit card. They also recommend using the wish list feature instead of your shopping cart, thus giving you time to mull over the purchase instead of giving an air of finality to your shopping trip. Hit the link for more tips.

Avoiding Impulse Buying Online [The Simple Dollar]


  • Lol – I tried that, but I’ve now unconsciously managed to memorise my CC details all the way down to the code on the back. The only way I manage to really avoid impulse buys is, just the same way in the physical world, don’t go into the shop.

  • Easier option…get a pre-paid credit card for online use. You can only spend what you have loaded onto the card, so you can’t go over a limit: if the $$$ are not there, the transaction is declined. You can leave that puppy registered wherever you like online, but if you only loaded $50 onto it, then bad luck, that’s all you have to spend.

    Extra added bonus round: if your deets get pinched, the most the thieves can take you for is the amount loaded on the card. Keep it low (-500) and you’re laughing 🙂

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