Australian Mobile Call Prices Actually Went Up

With fierce competition and a plethora of unlimited deals, you'd expect mobile phone costs in Australia to be falling over time. However, in its annual report on the communications market the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) concludes that prices for mobile services actually rose in 2009-2010. What gives?

According to the ACCC, the main reason for the 1.8 per cent price rise is that older 2G GSM services are becoming more expensive, reflecting reduced demand as 3G wipes them out. In other categories, pricing fell: 3G voice fell by 3.6 per cent, fixed voice by 5.8 per cent, and internet services by 4.9 per cent.

The report also notes that despite the increasing popularity of wireless broadband, the vast majority of data (91 per cent) still moves on fixed line networks — something to bear in mind when arguing about the NBN.



    I think the ACCC also forgot to mention that most mobile networks are greedy and want money and feel they can charge us whatever they like

    @trustnoone: Is that because you'll pay whatever they ask or because you don't understand economics?

    They are charging what the market will bare... Mobile phone use continues to grow at an unprecedented rate and we keep paying those prices, so its basically a fair price.

    Also we are a VERY large and spread out/sprawled country, and that makes putting up infrastructure very expensive.

    My sister has just moved to the US where I expected her to be able to pay next to nothing for a decent phone service. Nope. She pays more than I do in Aus and she gets much less data, has to pay when she receives calls as well as makes calls, and you should see how complicated her bill is with SMS bolt ons and Voicemail and all sorts of stuff we'd expect to be included here. All in all I'm happy with what I get and pay for here in Aus!

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