AskMeEvery Questions You Daily And Graphs The Results

Keeping track of results of personal goals can be difficult, but AskMeEvery is a webapp that makes it a little easier by sending you a text message daily, asking you a question, then graphing your response.

The majority of what you do with AskMeEvery will take place over text messages. You can set the question it asks and the time it asks it. The result is a simple way to track what you're doing or your achievements, whether it's counting calories, keeping track of runs, or simply as a reminder tool for daily schedules. To look at your results, you can log in to the site and view your response history in a handy graph form.

AskMeEvery [via The Next Web]


    Yeah, I can see this being an interesting gimmick for a short while, but the constant nagging would definitely piss me off after a while! #]

    Is there an Australian version of this? Seems to be for US numbers only. Looks quite useful.

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