Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire Touch Tablet, Cheap Kindles

Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire today, a 7-inch Android tablet for $US199 — a good 300 bucks cheaper than the iPad. Amazon also will be offering regular and touch Kindles at seriously attractive prices, starting at $US79. Further sweetening the pot, free 3G will be offered in the Kindle touch 3G.Amazon's making it almost impossible not to own a Kindle in one form or another. If you just want an ereader, the $US79 Kindle is 30 per cent lighter (170g) than previous Kindles. A $US99 version will add touch navigation. And the top-of-the-line Kindle touch 3G is $US149, with the free 3G access. All three models still sport the e-ink technology.

The Kindle Fire Tablet is the big announcement, today, however. This souped-up Kindle is also an Android tablet. To get to the inexpensive $US199 price point, Amazon left out a camera and microphone, and it will only be available with Wi-Fi, not 3G.

What do you think? Will you be buying a Kindle?

[via Bloomberg]


    I'm waiting to see a direct feature for feature comparison across the range.

    Cool device. Would buy one of those, but 99.9% of my reading comes from borrowing books in public libraries. Though it is technically possible to borrow e-books in library, e-book selection is miserable. Also magazine subscriptions selection for Kindle is very limited (Amazon, please, please, please make "Wired", "New Scientists" and "Scientific American" available for Kindle... though I guess it is rather request to magazine publishers, not Amazon).

    So... I really want to buy it, but will not unless I can easily borrow any book in electronic version. Do not see the point in buying books.

      <3 my Kindle 3, and I share your desire for more periodicals such as New Scientist.
      Why not buy e-books? Borrowing from a library is cheaper, of course. And I never bought books because I don't have space to store all that hardcopy. But now I have a Kindle the physical storage space is minimal and most classics are either free or hilariously cheap (e.g. "The Complete Works of Jane Austen (Annotated with Biography and Critical Essays) [Kindle Edition]": $0.99). I basically have a library in my bag.

        Aside from some measure of convenience, e-Books from major publishers tend to be more expensive than the hardback!

    This link gives you some comparison:

    I love the kindle more than the Kindle Fire since none of the amazon service is available here. LOL

    Kindle touch 3d all the way baby

    Let the early adopters give it a thrashing first and then pick over the battlefield....

    My library has a decent selection of ebooks to lend, but I don't know if they would work with the fire. I know they will on the nook, and I was going to get one of them and root it. Now I don't know. Anybody know if you can borrow books with the fire?

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