A Dry, Non-Bleeding Highlighter

Did you know there's such a thing as a dry highlighter that doesn't bleed through pages and won't give you a highlighter fume headache?

This $US2 wooden pencil-like highlighter uses no ink and no "volatile organic compounds", so in addition to being functional, it's more biodegradable. Of course, it could just be a yellow coloured pencil, but maybe not?

Stubby Pencil Studio [via All Things Cool]


    "won’t give you a highlighter fume headache?"
    How much highlighting are you doing in one sitting? #]

      It reaches a point where you're no longer highlighting stuff but simply colouring in the page.

    It's... it's a yellow pencil...

      I really have to admire the marketing guy who came up with this. He's personally responsible for re-invigorating the sagging yellow pencil market.

    Woot - now I can add a hint of realism to my pictures of wee.

    I have a pink one http://www.staedtler.com/Textsurfer_dry_gb.Staedtler.
    Its really fluro coloured but that's about it. Pencil means it isn't saturated enough and its all waxy.


    That pencil's triangular shape offers excellent writing comfort.

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