43% Of IT Workers Plan To Change Jobs Within 12 Months

Career mobility seems like a fact of life these days, and here's more evidence: a study of 3,000 Australians suggests that amongst people working in IT, 43 per cent plan to change jobs within a year and 57 per cent have been with their current employer for less than 12 months.

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According to the Randstad World of Work Report, amongst that group, the main reason for changing jobs is lack of opportunity for growth or an uncompetitive salary. It's interesting to contrast that worldview with the high levels of work satisfaction cited by independent contractors.



    The two very reasons I would consider changing. Spot on!

    IT Helpdesk is the lowest paid of all the IT-heavy jobs it seems. And yet I find myself doing far more in a day than anyone else. I'm everything from website developer to training instructor and even photographer, and I still get paid the same. It's all in the contract!

    I was alright with the idea until a fellow colleague told me he got paid more as a teacher being part time than I did working full time. Raeg'd me up!

      That is cause IT helpdesk is seen as a entry level IT job. The skill set utilised is typically what you would have fresh out of uni studying an IT degree. At least if you are level 1 support. Those people I know who are level 2 and 3 support are paid better.

      I would agree that trainers typically know little about IT and get paid quite well.

        Yeah, a lot of my job is pretty basic -- restart, copy this, update that. But I'm sure I could get another job elsewhere and get paid more for doing the same thing but under a different banner.

        I meant teacher as in school teacher, but yes, instructors / trainers get paid lots more too.

    I reckon that number is a bit low, i'd go as far to say 60% plus.

    I'm not even waiting 12 months, more like 1-2

    Strange. Most of my team are long timers. Talking 9, 13, 14 and 16 years respectively. Same Dept, same job, same location.

    This is true. I am an IT professional,but i refused many offers from IT companies because the salaries where not competitive. I am now working with a supply chain company, but have just started my own IT firm.

    its funny that so many people want to leave but i tried for 6 months to get any job i could as IT support and i have a comp sci degree, 2 years junior experience and a microsoft certification for desktop support..... sigh, for an entry level they are really picky

    Has this got anything todo with the fact most employers don't offer on-going IT positions, and feel it necessary to rotate staff in and out on 6 months contracts? Quite hard to find a non-contract IT job these days.

    In all I'm totally sick of IT jobs for this very reason. I'm Dying to get out of IT and stop being screwed around by the IT industory as a whole. EVERYTHING is contract work and my skills far out run most IT roles I get put foward for. They see me as nothing but a helpdesk monkey. I've seen Helpdesk ppl fro ages and want to bang my head against the wall. I spent 2 years in Desktop suport lvl 2/3.. job went redundant (gov job).. and all the agencies wanted to do was put me back in level 1 helpdesk. I had no option cuz I needed work asap to take a level 1 job which i'm dispising. I'm dying to find a new job and get out of IT all together! sorry for the rant.. but its kinda at the rediculous stage for me these days. I'm getting older and getting dumber cuz no1 sees the value in a person that had good aptitude for this kinda thing. cya IT asap!

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