Why Grey Market Cosmetics Can Be A Bad Idea

Lifehacker readers quite frequently buy "grey market" imports of the latest Android phones, which isn't entirely surprising given (a) how long those phones can take to "officially" arrive and (b) the high prices charged by local suppliers. But does the same logic apply when buying grey market cosmetics and perfumes?

Our sibling title BellaSugar investigated the issue and suggests "no". The key differentiating factor is that unlike a phone which you're ordering precisely because of its newness, working out the age of a given product can be difficult if you buy it through grey market channels:

The biggest problem with grey market fragrance is that you can't always tell how old the stock is and if it has been correctly stored. This could cause it to 'go off' sooner

Another potential issue includes what to do if you have an allergic reaction to a product. While grey market sales aren't illegal, they can have unexpected consequences (the same issues can arise with phones if you need to claim on a warranty).

Hit the post for a much fuller discussion, then kick up a stink about cheaper cosmetics and perfumes in the comments.

Grey Area: The Dangers of Buying Cut-Priced Cosmetics [BellaSugar]


    I buy makeup online from American websites because it is half the price of most Australian retailers! Haven't had anything go off or give me a reaction so I am happy buying from overseas..

    strawberrynet.com BEST SITE ON THE INTERWEBS

      My girlfriend's latest order from strawberry.net included some counterfeit MAC eyeshadow. She was surprised given how good their reputation is.

        I think its funny how everyone goes on about how strawberrynet is the best and has a great reputation, but if you talk to any of the actual brands that they stock all will say they dont supply to them

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